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A weaving studio facilitating joy and free-form expression to those of all abilities.


A Nationally certified Saori Weaving Studio from Saorinomori in Osaka, Japan, I look forward to facilitating joy and creative expression through weaving, within the community to individuals of all abilities.


"All flowers are beautiful, even though each individual flower is different in form and color. Because of this difference, “all are good”. Because everything has the same life, life cannot be measured by a yardstick. It is this individuality that makes everything meaningful and the uniqueness of each thread that creates the tapestry of life."

  ~ Misao Jo, Founder of SAORI

What does Saori Mean?

The “SA” of SAORI has the same meaning as the first syllable of the word “SAI” which is found in Zen vocabulary. 

It means everything has its own individual dignity.

The “ORI” means weaving.

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