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Saori is a style of weaving, developed in Japan in 1968, by Miaso Jo.  It is many things, it is one thing... it is about the process of creative simplicity in weaving.

Saori freestyle weaving is widely respected and globally recognized in over 40 countries.

Saori engineered looms are collapsable, lightweight and portable.

Adaptive devices allow for ease in weaving, and can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of ability.

Classes and Saori sessions are available by appointment during the week.  One on one and small group classes as well as transport to home and therapeutic environments are offered.

Saori Song is only one of a handful of Saori certified teaching studios in the USA.  We offer a full line of Saori looms, accessories, adaptive devices, yarns and tools.

There are several Saori Studios throughout the U.S., and all will be happy to accommodate you upon your visit!

Please refer to this link to find the studio closest to your destination:

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