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Saori Classes & Sessions

Call or email for individual or small group classes and slots.

(512) 924-1136 or

The studio is centrally located in Orange County ~ Chapel Hill, NC. 


Please call or book online to schedule your spot!  The model of learning from one another is a joyful group experience, but one on one weaving is valuable as well.


Looms are set up and ready for weaving, with adaptive devices for persons of all ages, abilities and levels of mobility.


A working studio houses multiple looms (2 and 4 shaft), assorted fibers, weaving tools and a reference library. A small kitchen and bathroom are both available within, and patio access to our Zen garden is only steps away.  

Plein air weaving in the lovely Japanese gardens outside the studio makes for a lovely weaving experience.


A full line of Saori looms, yarns and equipment are available for purchase or for ordering.



Saori Class Schedule

Classes:  Tuesdays and Wednesdays or by appointment.

Lower class fees for 2020!!!

Please call or email:  (512) 924-1136   /


Saori Song Studio welcomes you and has several options for classes, workshops, therapeutic transport and ongoing sessions:


LEVEL I CLASSES (beginner)

(Tuesdays & Wednesdays 

or by appt.)

Introductory Session:  $30.00 ~2 hours

Choose from several Saori looms, which are warped and ready for weaving.  

Students will explore a variety of yarns and fibers while enjoying the comfort and ease of the Saori loom.  While this class is for exploration, basic facilitation in learning Saori techniques in bobbin winding, hand manipulation, warp advancement and finishing are addressed.  Weavings are taken home after the session.

Small materials fee extra:  weighed by the oz.





LEVEL II CLASSES (intermediate)

(Tuesdays & Wednesdays or by appt).

Next Steps Sessions:  30.00 ~2 hours  (3 sessions suggested after introductory session)

For those who have taken an introductory class and are ready to explore the Saori loom capabilities and freeform weaving,  this class will allow for individual guidance in Saori techniques.  Choose from several Saori looms and warps (black, solid & multi-colored).  Students can choose from 100's of weft yarns and fibers and explore a variety of techniques. These include:  interlocking weft (clasped weft), hand manipulation, W technique, windows, slits, loops, fluffs, Sakiori, as well as other joyful ways of self-expression.  Weavings can either be taken home after the session

or kept on the loom for continued weaving!

Small materials fee extra: weighed by the oz.

Warping Sessions:  $45 ~ 3 hours 1-1 individual session (call for appointment)

Learn to create your own warp using the Saori cross holder, or thread your loom with a ready-made warp roll of your choice!

This 1-1 class will show you how to create a warp of multiple fibers, textures and colors on the warping board, use the cross holder in threading the loom and winding on your warp on in preparation for weaving.  Or, select a ready-made warp and learn the Saroi method of threading in preparation for weaving (no winding required!)

Small materials fee extra: weighed by the oz.

LEVEL III (ongoing Saori member weaver)

(Tuesdays 10:00-4:00)  Call to reserve your spot 10-12, 12-2, 2-4 or all 3!

Membership Sessions:  $ 10.00 per hour! 

For weavers who have completed the Intro Class and Next Steps classes.

Join our regular weaving sessions and enjoy the benefits of reduced costs, new friendships, learning from one another, and the camaraderie of a supportive and creative group of weavers!  

Small materials fee extra:  weighed by the oz., or bring your own!


Intensive Study:  $15. per hour  (call to schedule)

Schedule a multiple-day in-depth study of all aspects of Saori Weaving, covering Saori weaving techniques, loom differences, accessory usage, specifics of yarns, calculation, and warping techniques.  

This is a great option for those traveling from out of town.  Help with accommodations recommendations available.

Half Day:  $70 ~ 5 hour Session (call to schedule class)

Design, Weave and Wear your own design in a day?  It's possible!

Bring a friend or a small group (up to 4) and enjoy a 5 hour ready to warp project session.  All looms will be warped and ready for you to begin a project.  Choices of color and texture are limitless, as 1000's of yarns and fibers are readily available. Weaving techniques can be facilitated, or simply enjoy spontaneity and personal creativity as you see your weaving progress.  Scarves, hats, pillows, shawls and other wearable art ideas are perfect for this class.  Or make cloth to take back home to your sewing machine .

Break for lunch - bring your own or enjoy many options less than 1 mile from studio.

Materials fee extra:  weighed by the oz.

Wall Hanging:  $45 3 hour session (call to schedule class)

Use the abundance of available regular studio fibers, material, and alternative materials to create a unique wall hanging.

Tree branches, bark, shells, Japanese and other hand-made papers, roving, unspun silk, paracord, fleece, batiks, etc., make for a beautiful piece!

Small materials fee extra:  weighed by the oz., or bring your own!


Youth weavers:  $25.00 ~ 1.5 hours (call to schedule class)

A great opportunity for kids and teens.  Looms are set up ready to weave with a pre-selected range of fibers from which to choose.  

Guidance in warp advancement and bobbin winding is addressed and color/texture is celebrated!  Weavings are taken home after session and can be finished into scarves, potholders, wallhangings or table runners.

Groups up to 4 can be accommodated.

Small materials fee extra:  weighed by the oz.

Therapeutic transport (call to schedule)

Please call Dawn for information about ready-to-weave looms transported directly to the home, residential center, hospital or school setting.  This is an exciting opportunity to enjoy self-expression and creativity, for those with differing mobility, intellectual or developmental abilities.  Saori Looms have adaptive devices which make weaving a joyful experience.  I am available for assistance throughout the full session.  Sessions can be individual or up to 4 students, and can be arranged for ongoing weaving enjoyment.

Saori Song Studio ~ welcomes you!

Call today:  (512) 924-1136

Chapel Hill, NC 27514

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